Trump But Only (Parentheticals)

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(on Border and Safety)
(D-CA) (who is highly conflicted)
(and NOT Senate approved)
(in some cases 80-100 acres a minute)
(friends) (46%) (41%)
(R) (R)
(JOBS) (or Early Voting)
(big secret)
(which brings massive Crime) (far more so than any other local political figure)
(but fair)
(glad they finally added China)
(because they want Open Borders and existing weak laws)
(for decades, actually) (@DunnCampaign)
(the bad version) (amazing con) (or Russia, for that matter) (of which there is plenty) (FAKE) (WITCH HUNT) (END)
(this afternoon) (R)
(and lacrosse)
(or not paying) (and all)
(& most are onlookers)
(and more)
(even though I past hosted it) (despite being told “no”)
(as usual)
(and hopefully other things which he is looking at)
(McCabe, also fired) (redacted)
(@FEMA) (our)
(how would they not know this?)
(unless the Dems get in and destroy what we have built)
(and did an unappreciated great job in Puerto Rico, even though an inaccessible island with very poor electricity and a totally incompetent Mayor of San Juan) (R-NC)
(4.2%) (3.9%) (remember, it’s the economy stupid!) (Ambassadors, Executives, etc.)
(and beyond)
(Crazy Dems opposed)
(Secretary of Defense) (Chief of Staff)
(y) (?)
(hopefully) (the Fake Dossier)
(just kidding!) (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, FISA, Dirty Dossier etc.)
(I hope)
(out of which came nothing!)
(despite the UN Sanctions which are in place)
(this time the very tired New Yorker)
(of a phony crime that never existed)
(jobs) (poorly)
(plus 800 million dollars in losses & investment) (of the Justice Department & whose wife Nelly worked for Fusion GPS) (phony & discredited) (then got caught and sobbingly admitted he was neither a Marine nor ever in Vietnam) (R-NC)
(the Strzok firing)
(can you believe he is still there)
(and failed presidential candidate) (they didn’t want interviews)
(and FBI)
(I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY)
(within reason)
(by a lot)
(only done by Dems)
(on the Mueller team)
(except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats)
(increased from 13, including an Obama White House lawyer) (one day before appointment as S.C.)
(along with 53 million other people) (Taxi cabs maybe?)
(always anonymous sources) (the paper loses a fortune)
(surveillance) (Fake)
(early in the morning) (and now 4 more have been added, one who worked directly for Obama W.H.)
(bad for Russia)
(they are dying in the ratings) (actually a nice guy) (over & over again)
(& Barriers) (which is low) (U.S. has a $151 Billion trade deficit)
(so ridiculous) (for one year)
(and others)
(and not properly funding) (and bad)
(there was no collusion and there was no obstruction of the no collusion)
(badly needs a paint job) (although I do not legally have to) (D-VA)
(where he seriously messed up my hair)
(which they feel is good for them in the Mid-Terms)
(officials do not want to report these crimes)
(who got nowhere with North Korea and would have had to go to war with many millions of people being killed)
(the Democrats) (by far) (Comey) (implying anger)
(Comey) (and run out of town)
(guess they were bragging and got caught!) (they pay only a fraction of the cost-and laugh!) (slowly) (which is good)
(we have the worst trade deals ever made) (plus) (and who doesn’t have a clue) (as Comey would call it)
(and me)
(and the saving to our country of one trillion dollars) (& others)
(on charges that were 10 years old and had been previously dropped) (he represented Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole & many others over the years)
(& gave $’s to Crooked H) (except by the Democrats)
(hoax) (Informants)
(a place I know very well)
(plus people who worked 8 years for Obama) (stay tough!)
(& women in 18years) (no chance)
(and others)
(but it’s not) (& those who worked for President O)
(Iran) (and talent)
(but not as Crooked as Hillary Clinton) (and got off the FBI hook along with Terry M) (except in the case of Democrats)
(also, Senate Judiciary)
(under FBI investigation that they killed)
(there is no Collusion) (HEROES)
(Fake) (missing) (no longer)
(to her Lover, Peter S)
(the GREAT State of Texas)
(it is a Hoax) (that is a setup & trap) (great)
(couldn’t even deliver her lines-much like the Seth Meyers weak performance)
(in fact they deny) (fraudulent)
(lowest Black & Hispanic unemployment in history)
(including at the United Nations)
(so great for World)
(that should never have been written) (should be getting good stories)
(hopefully great) (HEROES) (lot)
(but they know it) (except by the Dems)
(get new pollsters)
(lied in Congress to Senator G)
(stupidly) (jail) (jail) (why didn’t they TAKE it) (give us all a break) (too many!) (he is not smart!)
(Unlike the Clintons!)
(Skype) (we) (other than I fight back) (except Rosenstein who signed FISA & Comey letter)
(not names)
(unredacted) (well built building) (and women)
(of many)
(plus) (or do they?)
(and ICE)
(and taxes) (1) (2) (3)
(causing tremendous loss to the U.S.)
(poison) (but we will not) (if for no other reason than they can bill more)
(1) (2) (3) (not even mentioned in Bill)
(in past, Obama called him also) (and others) (remember RESET)
(some of them massive) (negotiating)
(why not, some of the best economic numbers ever)
(always seeking perfection) (just kidding, of course)
(with zero proof of wrongdoing)
(and more)
(and many others) (Great)
(and trusted people who work within a school) (Thank you!) (funny!) (starting to happen)
(and others)
(for two minutes yet)
(including for dangerous criminals)
(and more) (corrupt)
(in London)
(the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead)
(1) (2)
(Nuclear Option)
(and Border)
(March 13)
(of N. Korea) (among many other things)
(H.R. 2142)
(such as DACA)
(of all places) (billions of dollars) (on my first try)
(actually turned him down many times)
(and the people) (beyond kind)


(over time) (after all of this time)
(which is happening faster than anyone anticipated)
(Clinton Puppet)
(including her 33,000 illegally deleted emails)
(broke Harry Truman’s Record) (mostly far less)
(for very different reasons) (and more)
(and his numbers went up mightily)
(and would do anything for them) (looking good)
(who should be immediately fired for his “mistake”) (fraud?) (as shown also on T.V.)
(no, very dishonest?) (and more) (he has been suspended)
(I call the final shots)
(another all-time Record)
(my policies) (?) (Crooked Hillary’s emails)
(or I would not have run)
(6 trillion) (quickly) (Person)
(with great ratings)
(Mar-a-Lago) (AAA)
(y) (quit race, anemic polls) (purposely) (5-10 years in jail)
(and biggest)
(or dumb) (jobs)
(and FBI)
(and smarter)
(jobs) (in addition to Democrat corruption) (and late)
(the Dems own it) (now $12,000,000?) (and bad for our country)
(3.0 despite the big hurricane hits) (Fake News)
(we will also get HealthCare)
(he will vote for Tax Cuts) (and Reform)
(or all) (D)
(and I have proof)
(under the most difficult circumstances) (FakeNews)
(and reform)
(yet again)
(and me)
(people working hard)
(McCain is out) (apologized)
(which was a small percentage of total) (John Kelly)
(or Country) (@FLOTUS.)
(future political campaigns)
(Bill C also) (Doctor) (care)
(or all)
(and bad programming)
(and every thing)
(vs. 51) (just like others)
(something the Obama Administration was unable to do)
(by Presidential Proclamation)
(worst trade deal ever made) (tele-conference)
(as it strengthens to a Class 3)
(which just passed) (as usual) (somber) (enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) (respectful and strong) (somber) (enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) (respectful and strong) (enthusiastic, dynamic and fun) (respectful and strong)
(which we are rapidly building to strongest ever) (#HR873.)
(even more so)
(or not fixed)
(apologized) (despite some phony Fake News polling) (and non-existent sources)
(again) (110 million people)
(nuke option)
(where are E-mails & DNC server)
(& acid washed)
(had to apologize)
(wages will start going up)
(don't watch anymore)
(which they should)
(long prior to election)
(repeal & replace)
(at an openly scheduled W.H. meeting)
(Saturday night)
(James Comey)
(close to 80%) (2016)
(and many others)
(wrong big on election)
(including S.C.)
(not Real Media) (on Tuesday)
(fill in and top)
(especially Fake News media)
(excuse for big election loss)
(skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare)
(or sick) (pathetic)
(per NBC/WSJ poll)
(a bad one)
(fake news)
(failing @nytimes, @CNN, @NBCNews and many more) (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN)
(and others) (306)
(NSA and FBI?) (just met w/ @marcorubio)
(2/3 -2/11)
(WT) (Mar-a-Lago)
(major lie) ( according to General Mattis)
(prior to the #SuperBowl Pre-game Show)
(prior to Super Bowl)
(with bad intentions)
(a mess)
(W.H.) (the media)
(and many for a long time)
(up 24% from 2016)
(even before taking office) (or lie)
(angry) (red line)
(would never do that)
(for sake of speed) (or destroyed)
(like giving the questions to the debate to H)
(Arizona) (ObamaCare)


(by V. Putin)
(and personally)
(with a very nice congratulations) ( and more)
(despite all of the distorted and inaccurate media)
(and other) (s)
(SoftBank) (Trump)
(making it hard for our companies to compete) (the U.S. doesn't tax them)
(but smaller states are forgotten)
(while surrounded by USSS.)
(18,290) (4,100)
(many already proven false) (or worse!)
(including failed run four years ago)
(every poll) (I gave, he won)
(except for some Republican "leadership") (Hillary Clinton)
(check out sex tape and past)
(Clinton News Network)
(except for @CNN - which I don't watch)
(for now)
(I said no)
(amazing people)
(& someone I helped)
(and Clinton) (and boring) (pundits)
(a good thing) (with a much more beautiful set)
(stupid) (can you believe)
(@DWStweets.) (Bernie)
(and world) (being Native American)
(who has done a spectacular job in the great State of Indiana)
(as all know)
(Hillary was wrong)
(who lost his way long ago) (along with Obama)
(for a Wall Street paid for ad)
(wrong) (fence) (thank you) (than Crooked Hillary) (San Diego)
(and jobs)
(who last night endorsed me)
(I am millions ahead of him)
(remember, I am still running a major business while I campaign)
(Cruz) (Kasich)
(and Jeb, Rand, Marco and all others)
(and unfair) (no fan of mine)
(who voted for NAFTA, open borders etc.) (and many others)
(the format was fine!) (1%.)
(puppets) (1/2) (2/2)
(oil) (crossover)
(8:30 A.M.)
(by far) (Eastern)
(on election day) (in many years) (today) (pundits) (HOPE)
(and dem-indie votes)
(!) (!) (1/2) (2/2)
(or she) (who got us into the quicksand of Iraq)
(education from D.C.) ("come as act of love")
(or vote) (grade of F) (voters)
(and more) (born in Canada) (instead of the poor ratings recieved)
(and fun) (natural born citizen) is a settled matter-it isn't settled) (1/2) (2/2)


(and am in 1st place) (@deucecrew) (@deucecrew)
(country!) (1st place and leading by 21%)
(and gone) (by a lot)
(power) (and other Fox pundits)
(but failed)
(2nd place) (PPP)
(and boring)
(a deduction)
(Eastern) ( EASTERN) (great) (like I have been saying) (he just can't say it)
(and me)
(ISIS source of wealth)
(it is actually over 20%)
(Bob was saved by his belt buckle!)
(former Navy Seal) (nobody else did)
(just kidding!) (2:30pm EST) (3rd) (10-31-15)
(by a wide margin)
(well, maybe a nurse)
(hats, apparel etc.)
(up 10) (Old Post Office)
(I hope)
(depending on your location) (kidding)
(depending on location)
(and no criteria) (a Bushy)
(s) (unlikely) (just last name) (at least)
(CBS) (Fox News)
(worse than Boehner) (12 noon) (Nice) (D.C.)
(Saturday) (Amenia.)
(and I add most enthusiastic)
(not 4)
(with all polls thru the weekend)
(and around the world)
(big job creator)
(presidential run)
(am so proud of this)
(25%) (31%)
(1:00 P.M. at the Capitol)
(I said no)
(PPP - national result)
(remember "read my lips, no more taxes")
(eagle’s name)
(PPP) (I even got legal fees) (Beck) (all over television) (after she DESTROYS her illegal email server) (members of my P.B. Club) (biggest tournament)
(net worth) (Presbyterian)
(via )
(Freedom Fest)
(in front of her father)
(by far)
(in all ways)
(in all ways)
(but future NYC treasure)
(of which, sadly, there are many)
(formerly The Lodge at Doonbeg)
(even though Obama uses it)
(and more)
(or non-reporting) (when not talking weather)
(on Fox)
(both inside and out)
(Hyperlinked on @DRUDGE_REPORT)
(no spoilers)
(and maybe all time)
(9 to 11)


(or respect)
(My father!)
("Americans are stupid")
(not 7)
(30 minutes)
(great timing)
(aka global warming)
(15 minutes)
(30 minutes)
(ask Dana)
(great timing)
(no running away) (demand!)
(30 minutes)
(by far)
(politics) (a miracle in DC)
(includes @foxandfriends video)
(except friends)
(and boring)
(and lowest)
(20 minutes) ($’s)
(at request of U.S. leadership)
(15:00 mark)
(but they know it--dishonest press)
(or left) (or both)
(10 minutes)
(and the turtleback greens are totally unfair)
(which, by the way, blows Pinehurst away!) (even though you think you do)
(& viewers)
(we should never have been there in the first place)
(killers) (women)
(h/t @Military_News)
(sort of)
(& economy!)
(and exciting to watch)
(the old days were better) (delusional)
(I told you so) (or at least some of it) (and true) (D-Ma)
(15 minutes)
(guess who?)
(& everyone)
(1 hour)
(and hopefully very good)
(I don't) (I didn't) (much more)
(and old)
(not going in but if so taking the oil)
(no more March Madness)
(Donald Trump)
(10 minutes) (Politics?)
(& standing ovation)
(Cadillac) (so far)
(also a developer)
(sort of?)
(is that really his last name?)
(Aristotle quote)
(global warming) (ESPN)
(as I said long ago)
(and sued)
(kidding) (cont)
(Robert Gates)


(a record)
(and concept)
(and @Macys loves Trump)
(or worse)
(cont) (cont)
(which should never have been lifted)
(I’m in the first category)
(compared to where I am today-over $10 billion)
(cont) (cont)
(too cold)
(if I do say so myself)
(or so they say)
(except laughter at our stupidity)
(and violent)
(who is 100% correct on Afghanistan) (teach them a lesson)
(and be sued)
(of which I have no doubt)
(at Trump World Tower)
(Pan Am Flight 103)
(probably $1B)
(by the media)
(and fast) (now)
(cont) (cont) (I hope!)
(Maybe autographed)
(thousands of pages)
(which all should go to)
(and not because she stays at my hotels) (and watch her ratings go through the roof!)
(or anybody's)
(if you ever left) (who he told me "sucks" as a president) (unheard of)
(or worse)
(He attacked his wife last night) (this is a great read)
(Iraq etc.) (with Russia) (lots of oil) (and more important) (why only one name?)
(who just said the element of surprise does not matter) (or China)
(cont) (cont)
(hair etc—boring)
(in more ways than money)
(sort of)
(she is one of many) (or worse)
(watch Russia) (cont) (and I mean dumb) (which fired Bryant)
(unheard of)
(cont) (Stop & Frisk)
(Samsung) (I think)
(and boring)
(cont) (& dumb)
(cont) (Fox) (years)
(and good golfer) (is)
(h/t @gatewaypundit)
(boring and zero ratings)
(and jobs)
(as a good father will) (great) (lazy!) (I feel sorry for them?) (and as they know)
(where he gave away many U.S. secrets) (just kidding)
(a NY icon)
(and much more) (& others)
(nobody saw tweet)
(run) (by their fastest jet) (well known)
(1879-1964) (run)
(cont) (cont) (stupid) (and others)
(and should have stopped a long time ago)
(really cold) (loser)
(which not too many people do) (& your bosses on Modern Family) (check with M.F. boss)
(I think) (& picture) (be careful, I'm really good at deals) (deal)
(Michigan) (and more)
(a bargain)
(by far)
(not me of course) (from New York City)
(& thanks)
(?) (?) (?) (great deal, great timing) (but his show pays me lots of money, so I'm happy)
(who I profit from)
(?) (?) (only obnoxious enough!) (?)
(many do not want to report) (not me) (?)
(but they will be going much higher) (without which don't buy) (and don't hurry) (but you never know, look at OJ & others)
(with no ratings)
(Yankee Stadium)
(FOX) (great)
(not suspects)
(L) (and am seriously good at it)
(in 20 minutes)
(N.Y. Post) (with a very high IQ) (split between brothers and sisters)
(not a 12 year disaster)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(see, I can stick up for China)
(especially the haters and losers)
(October, 13 1925 – April, 8 2013)
(plus good ratings)
(and many others) (ADL)
(adults, men and women 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54)
(which it is!)
(it was too cold)
(and himself) (and fragrance, Success)
(and I told you so!) (the most of anyone) (and I know him well) (front desk)
(of which he owned a piece)
(cont) (cont)
(or dead)
(Sunday 9 P.M.) (not nice) (and true)
(a second job maybe)
(also Success) (it's all mine)
(orangutan etc) (& losers) (via @thehill)
(update daily)
(really 17%+) (Feb. 6, 1911–June 5, 2004)
(and smart!)
(but there is still time)
(otherwise known as Republicans)
(or a con) (Brent Musburger)
(for charity) (just look at his past)
(EST) (made on the @jayleno show) (I think)


(see SPY) (and I like them!)
(in these troubled times)
(bad name) (bad name) (it's my show)
(Brian Williams, anyone?) (Republicans & Democrats) (the Republicans better get smart next time)
(which I never have!)
(cont) (other than his bad ratings)
(Travelin’ Joe)
(if Obama wins) (& never will be)
(and more than once?)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (just watch!)
(which bombed) (cont) (or both)
(boring) (aka Barry Soetoro) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(this country's)
(drugs) (see my prediction)
(just kidding)
(cont) (always)
(don't worry, only business) (cont)
(and others)
(or an enemy!)
(@IvankaTrump agrees)
( I'm in a magnanimous mood.)
(as you know!) (or near your house)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (10 A.M.)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(and Libya)
(with our money)
(just joking)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (sealed)
(like other Presidents)
(cont) (1915-2012)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(It pays to win #CelebrityApprentice)
(cont) (@BarackObama)
(and people)
(cont) (cont) (CNN)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(and most overrated)
(in 1991) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(& a good person)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(so to speak) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (CA)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (San Jose, CA) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (71%) (65%) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (Thursday, February 2) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (Mitt's father) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Streets)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (or him) (cont)


(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(5th Avenue between 56 and 57) (even worse) (5th Ave betw 56 and 57)
(starts at 23:00)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(Rich Dad, Poor Dad) (cont)
(cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(cont) (cont) (cont)
(4 pm on Channel 7)


(and me)
(9-11 p.m. on NBC, ET)